English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

English for Specific Purposes (ESP) is a scholarship, open to active students and functionaries from the University of Costa Rica who want to learn and improve comunication skills in English Language. The knowledge acquired will be of great benefit for the academic and professional development of those involved.



It is divided in 10 modules and takes 3 years long to complete. It consists of 3 levels that are divided into:

  • Elementary: Elementary 1, 2 and Pre-Intermediate 1, 2
  • Intermediate: Intermediate 1, 2 and Intermediate-High 1, 2
  • Advanced: Advanced 1, 2 and two optional courses



Facebook page: inglesxareasUCR

Twitter: @InglesxAreas

Email: cursosinglesxareas.fl@ucr.ac.cr

Phone numbers: 2511-8449 | 2511-7246